Private Ops is a full service private investigative (PI) firm located in the greater Salt Lake City area.  It is the largest PI agency in the Intermountain West and one of the largest PI agencies in the United States.  Private Ops is managed by 4 shareholders – Michael Gulbraa, Spencer Lawrence, Cory Warnick, and Jared Lawrence.  The shareholders alone have over 60 years of law enforcement and investigative experience.

     In addition to the 4 shareholders, Private OPS has more than 45 licensed Private Investigators; Our PIs speak fifteen (15) foreign languages – Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, German, and Chinese to name a few.  Our team has educational degrees in arts, sciences, business, law enforcement, and several other disciplines.  In addition to the degrees many in our team have significant workplace experience in their chosen field of study.  These acquired skills provide us the basis of our “centuries of knowledge” which allow us the abilities to conduct speedy, accurate and cost effective investigations.